Does Your Home Need A Security Screen?

How secure is your property? Your home is probably your most precious asset. It is where your family live, and it's where you keep everything of value. It makes sense for you to do everything possible to keep your home safe and prevent unwanted visitors from gaining entry. To ensure the safety of your home, you will want to fit an alarm system and check that all the doors and windows have strong, working locks, but is there more that you can do? One thing that you should consider is the installation of a security screen.

Why fit a security screen?

If you fit an alarm, it will alert you whenever an intruder enters your property. The alarm may even call the authorities and bring them rushing to your property. However, there will always be a delay between the alarm triggering and someone arriving on site. No intruder will want to stay on your premises long enough to be caught. They will probably enter the building and quickly take anything valuable before escaping. It is far better to prevent them from entering your property, and that is where security screens can help. Calling a company that offers security screen installation services is the best way to protect your home and deter criminals from entering your home.  

Testing the security screen

Security screens vary enormously. Speak to any company providing security screen installation services and find out what they are offering. There are many styles and sizes of security screens, but crucially there is also variation in the effectiveness of the security screens. Ask the installation company what type of attacks their security screens have been tested against. Security screens should be proof against pulling and twisting as well as more sophisticated attacks using jemmies, knives and salt spraying. Australian Standard AS5039-2008 governs security screens, and it is helpful to ask the security screen installation services company whether their screens comply with that standard.

Installing the security screen

Installation is a frequently overlooked aspect of security screen testing. There is no value in buying a strong security screen if it can be removed because of substandard installation. It is always best to have a new security screen fitted by a professional. Anyone who specializes in security screen installation services will use hinges that cannot be easily knocked out of position. They will also ensure that there is no way that the screen can be bent away from the frame to allow anyone to gain entry. If you have any concerns speak to an expert in security screen installation services.