Do you know how to work with an architect?

Are you thinking about adding an extension to your property? Maybe you want to divide your home into flats or build a separate granny flat on your grounds. You could even be thinking about designing an entirely new home for your family. Whatever plans you have, you must know that you can't work alone. If your dreams are to become reality, you must work with experienced professionals who can take on work for which you do not have the required skills or expertise. Builders will almost certainly be needed, but one of the earliest tasks on any building project is creating a property design. You must call in a qualified architect to produce the drawings from which the builders will work.

Working with the architect

When you bring an architect into your team, you can't leave them to work entirely alone. The architect will know what is possible on your land. They can make the best use of the available space, and they will know how to comply with the local building regulations, but you must at least give them a starting point. Perhaps you already have a rough sketch of what you want. Maybe, you have some ideas you can communicate to the architect, the architect can adapt to your way of working, but the final design must serve your needs, so there needs to be a degree of collaboration.

What will the architect want to know?

If the architect is to produce drawings for a property that suits your needs, you must explain those needs carefully. Think about both what you want from the property and what you need from it. Some of the most obvious questions the architect could ask are:

  • How many rooms do you need? Will those rooms be reception rooms, bedrooms or something else?
  • What internal layout do you favour? Do you need large open areas, or would you prefer smaller private rooms to give family members more privacy?
  • Do you want a property that has a modern style or something more traditional?

Grasping the vision

The architect will know the most appropriate building materials and how to design a property that is likely to be approved by the planning authorities, but to draw the plans for your property successfully, they must appreciate your vision for the property. You must feel comfortable talking with them and have confidence that all your input is carefully considered and incorporated into the plans in the most effective way. Clarifying any areas of concern at an early stage is essential. Changes after the scale drawing have been produced can cause delays and add to the project budget.

For more information, contact an architect near you.