Using Security Screen Doors at the Front and Back of Your Home

If you want to create a connection between your home and nature, you might consider installing security screen doors. These can be installed around the front and back of a property. To find out more, read on.

Front Doors

A security screen front door provides a way for you to enhance the kerb view of your home. These doors can feature a metal grill shaped into different forms. For example, it can be filled with elaborate scrolls and curves or clean-lined rectangles. You could also install a door without a metal grill but with security screen mesh if you want it to appear discreet.

The colour of the security door is also crucial. You can make it stand out or blend with the facade. For example, opt for a cream door to match the window trim. Otherwise, choose a bright cobalt blue security door to make a statement. The metal is often powder-coated in varying hues, so you'll have the freedom to create the look you want.

The primary purpose of these doors is to make your home safer. Authentic security doors need to pass a barrage of tests to be classified and sold as such. Doors go through simulated tests that try to ram them down or cut through the mesh. Only products that pass all these experiments can be sold as genuine security doors, so you can feel confident that they'll add another layer of protection to your home.

Security front doors also allow you to answer the doorbell for strangers and not feel threatened by whoever is standing outside. You can simply open the opaque door and talk to them through a locked security screen.

Back Doors

You can also install these doors around the back of your house, as they come in different styles. You could install a hinged door. Alternatively, you can install screens to cover a vast expanse of sliding or bifold glass doors. While expansive doors can open your house to the garden, leaving them open is unsafe unless you're in the vicinity. If you install security screen doors, you can lock them while going about your business in other parts of the house without worrying about someone walking inside without you knowing.

The screens will block insects and other pests, thus also serving as a fly screen. You'll be able to open your house in the evening and not attract bugs inside. You can additionally install security screens on the windows to make your home safer while keeping out insects.