Why You Should Only Ever Choose Retractable Awnings For Your Back Verandah

Outdoor living spaces are popular in most Australian homes, especially for those who have a pool or a large backyard. Many of these have some sort of fixed awning coverage, and these do a fine job of covering you in most situations. They block out the sun or rain with no problem and can survive for years on end with little maintenance. However, these fixed awnings are not as good as retractable awnings for a variety of reasons specific to Australian conditions. Here are a few factors that should sway you towards retractable awnings over fixed variants.

Keep It Cleaner

Because fixed awnings are simply out there in the sun all day, they get a lot grimier and disgusting far quicker than retractable awnings. While this may not affect the ability of the awning to do its job, it will not be as nice for you to have guests over. Retractable awnings can be put away when you hear that the weather is going to be bad, such as when backburning is occurring or when dust clouds are on the way. Many people have retractable awnings put away most of the time, so they look brand new when you do use them.

Avoid Hazards

Many fixed awnings are made out of plastic or synthetic fabrics that can block rain and sunshine with no problem but will struggle against hail. Hail is, unfortunately, quite a common problem in many places across coastal Australia. It only takes one hail storm to completely ruin a plastic or fabric awning that cannot be put away. Retractable awnings have simple mechanisms to take them out of harm's way and a strong cover that will protect them from even larger hailstones. This reduces the likelihood of repairs and also is just one less thing to worry about in an intense situation like a hailstorm.

Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

Houses come in so many different formats in Australia that you need your outside fixtures to be able to adapt to them. Retractable awnings come in a whole bunch of models and shapes that make them perfect for everything from large farmhouses to inner-city terraces with small outdoor living spaces. They can fit in smaller spaces than many fixed awnings because they can be put away easily, and their small footprint when packed up is something that a highly urbanised population can take advantage of. There are also a lot of styles and colours that retractable awnings can come in, so they suit whatever aesthetic theme you are going for. 

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