Organisation For Your Walk-In Wardrobe

Whether you're living in your dream home or a one-bedroom apartment, having a walk-in wardrobe can feel like the peak of luxury. If you've already installed custom shelving and drawers to keep things organised, the next step is to find a few accessories that can make your wardrobe truly unique.

Storage Ottoman

If you have enough room for it, consider a storage ottoman. Not only will an ottoman give you a place to sit while you're putting on your socks and shoes, but it can also provide additional storage space for things that you want to have handy but don't want to display out in the open, such as shoe-shine kits or spare shoelaces. If your wardrobe is large enough, you can purchase a matching chair and ottoman. This will give you the storage you need, as well as a comfortable place to sit and relax with a cup of coffee while you plan your daily outfit. Most furniture companies offer a variety of fabrics and styles, so you can easily match your ottoman with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Boxes and Baskets

A walk-in wardrobe provides lots of overflow storage space for your bedroom, making room for things like extra blankets, bedding and even books that may not fit anywhere else. If you don't like the idea of stacks of bedding that crowd the upper shelves of your wardrobe, incorporate a few matching boxes or baskets to keep things neat and tidy. You can purchase boxes that match the color of your shelving units, so they blend into the background, or look for individual woven baskets that will stand out as a distinct part of the design. If you're storing blankets, sweaters or other handmade goods, make sure your baskets are lined so the materials won't snag or tear. If your budget is tight, you can decorate standard cardboard boxes with fabric or paper (whatever you have lying around the house) to give a unique bohemian look to your wardrobe.

Over-the-Door Accessories

If your walk-in wardrobe has a door, put it to use! Look for over-the-door shoe organisers to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for in the mornings. If your wardrobe already has a designated space for shoes, you can use the back of the door for a full-length mirror or a set of hooks for handbags and bathrobes. For additional space to hang clothing, including longer items like dresses or overcoats, consider an over-the-door valet.