4 Dry Climate Plants For Your Garden

All plants need water, but some can survive with much less than others. Dry-climate plants can survive with no water for months at a time, so if you'd like to spruce up your garden with some greenery or bright flowers but are worried about having the time to care for them during the hot summer months, dry-climate plants would be ideal. Here are four plants that need very little water in order to thrive.


Agave is a perennial succulent that originates from Mexico. Its fleshy leaves have a spiked tip and grow out in a circular fashion from a central stalk. Agave will thrive in a rock garden or in a traditional flowerbed as long as the soil has good drainage. You can improve the drainage of your soil by surrounding the agave with gravel, which will prevent the roots of the plant becoming waterlogged should you experience a period of heavy rainfall.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants are hardy and produce long, thin green leaves filled with clear gel. The gel is considered medicinal and can be added to drinks to ease digestive discomfort or applied topically to mild burns and cuts. During the summer months, aloe vera plants can produce striking orange, yellow and pink flowers, which extend from the centre of the plant. The small flowers grow in clusters and can last the duration of the summer, so aloe vera is a great plant for those who want to enjoy flowers in their garden without having to do anything to keep them in bloom.


Portulaca, also known as moss rose, stores water in its leaves, which allows it to continue having access to water during long periods of dry weather. It's a small plant and produces several delicate flowers in bright colours, such as red, orange and purple, throughout the growing season. Due to its size, portulaca is ideal as a ground coverage plant and will brighten up areas around evergreens or shrubs. It can also be grown in pots to brighten patio areas.


Dierama, also known as angel's fishing rods, is a grassy plant with long flowering stems that arch over when in bloom. It's a graceful plant that produces small, bell-shaped flowers in various shades of purple. Dierama is ideal for filling out borders or for planting around garden ponds, as the hanging stems will provide shade and add a burst of colour to your garden.

These are just a few examples of plants that can thrive in dry conditions. If you'd like to check the suitability of a specific plant for your garden environment, consult with your local plant nursery.