Guide To Storing Saddlery

If you're planning on moving stables or even on having a break from riding altogether, you will need somewhere to store your tack and saddlery. A self-storage unit could provide the perfect solution for storing your gear; here's why.


Saddlery and other tack can be extremely expensive to buy and insure. It's therefore crucial that you find somewhere safe and secure to store it. A self-storage unit is staffed and CCTV monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it just about the most burglar-proof option for storing your tack.

Suitable environment

Leather saddlery can be ruined if it is allowed to dry out, which can happen if it is kept somewhere near a radiator, an air conditioning unit or in direct sunlight. A self-storage unit is temperature controlled and enclosed, so there's no risk of your saddlery becoming dehydrated.

Damp will ruin your leather saddlery. Damp causes mould and mildew to form, which can stain the leather and rot the stitching. The inside of your self-storage unit will be dry and sealed so that there is no danger of water leaking in and ruining your tack.

Mice and other pests can severely damage your leatherwork by nibbling at it. Self-storage units are sealed so that you won't have to worry about rodents invading.


If you have several different saddles and bridles for different disciplines, you will need a fair amount of space in which to keep them. Unless your home has plenty of suitable storage space, a self-storage unit is an ideal solution. There will be plenty of space for a saddle horse on which to place your saddle and bridle hooks can be fitted too.

If you have a lot of rugs, saddle cloths, bandages, etc., you could have racking fitted in your storage unit to accommodate these items.

Preparing your tack for storage

Before putting your horse's rugs, saddle cloths and bandages into storage, you should have them cleaned and thoroughly dried. Store these items in large plastic bags to keep them free from dust.

All your leather work should be thoroughly soaped to keep it supple before storage. Take bridles apart and clean each piece separately, ensuring that excess soap is wiped from buckles to prevent tarnishing. It's a good idea to apply a very light dressing with neatsfoot oil compound to protect the leather and seal in the suppling soap.

Remember to place saddle covers on your saddles to keep them free from dust. Bridles should be stored in protecting cloth bags.