Ways a Pergola Would Be a Great Addition to Your Yard

A pergola refers to an outdoor structure made of cross rafters instead of solid walls. It is a great way to add a centrepiece to your property that is not only aesthetically appealing but also increases the functionality of the space. The following are some of the various ways in which a pergola would be a great addition to your yard.

A pergola enables you to maximise on your yard space

Constructing a pergola on your property gives you the chance to create visual interest on your property. These structures can be as simple or as intricate as you want, therefore you can rest assured that it will suit an array of personal preference. Additionally, these structures can be as small or as spacious as you want them. Making them ideal for small and big yards alike.

A pergola enables you to entertain more

For some homeowners, entertaining can be cumbersome if you do not have sufficient living space. Thus, you will find that some people do not make the most of the warmer summer months since they do not have an exterior space. A pergola helps you overcome this problem, as it provides you with some extra footage of living space outside that is shaded, making it comfortable to host in despite the increased temperatures. Your pergola can also be a great way to engage in regular al fresco dining with your family be it brunch, barbeques and more.

A pergola enables you to have additional shade

If you have a large yard, shade can be a premium on your property. Without it, it can be quite difficult to spend long stretches of time in your yard. Granted, there is a multitude of options that you could consider for an outdoor shelter ranging from patios to verandahs. However, these are typically adjacent to our home. If you would like to have a freestanding structure that provides you with shade and is well ventilated, then a pergola would be an ideal option. You can have climbing plants growing on the pergola to enhance the shade of your pergola without having to compromise on the ventilation that penetrates the structure.

A pergola enables you to increase your property value

If you end up choosing to sell your property down the road, having a pergola would increase your chances of fetching your desired market price. Potential homeowners are always looking for features that improve the functionality of the home, as this means they will not have to invest in these additions out of their own pockets.