4 Reasons to Use LED Bulbs for Your Hydroponic Garden

LED bulbs are replacing traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs across numerous industries, and they're also becoming more and more popular for horticultural purposes. More specifically, LED lighting systems have become intensely popular for hydroponic gardens. If you're still using traditional lighting methods for your hydroponic garden, here are just a few reasons to strongly consider making the jump to an LED lighting system.

1. Efficiency

One of the most important benefits that LED bulbs hold over incandescent or fluorescent ones is the fact that they consume far less energy. If you look at ways to make almost any property eco-friendly, you're almost certain to find that owners are recommended to replace their current bulbs with LED ones. Since hydroponic gardens tend to require a lot of bulbs, and for those bulbs to be kept on for long stretches, efficiency is important. Switching to LED bulbs could end up creating big savings on your monthly energy bills.

2. Reliability

Another general benefit of using LED bulbs is that they tend to last a very long time. In fact, you'll often see their predicted lifespan given in decades instead of years. This is because they require no vacuum or gas, and because they don't create very much heat. In any case, this is a real boon for the hydroponic gardener. For starters, it will mean not having to worry about replacements. More importantly, it means not having to worry about coming back to your garden after a few hours to find several burnt-out bulbs.

3. Lack of Heat

LED bulbs are heat-efficient as well as energy-efficient, and this is one advantage that is incredibly important for hydroponic purposes. Because traditional bulbs create quite a lot of heat, they need to be kept quite far away from the plants in order to prevent heat damage. Even with the proper precautions taken, it was always possible to dry out leaves and restrict water flow. LED bulbs produce barely any heat, so you can position them very close to your plant to create maximum photosynthetic activity without compromising their health.

4. Colour Versatility

Finally, LEDs are prized among gardeners for their ability to be created in almost any colour. As you probably already know, plants respond differently to different lighting colours during each part of their lifespan. Using LED bulbs lets you customise the colour in order to provide optimal lighting during the entire lifespan of your plants.

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