4 Factors to Look for When Picking Houseplants for Short-Term Rental Properties

It's becoming more and more popular for property owners to rent out their properties on a month-by-month, week-by-week, or even day-by-day basis. After all, the internet has made it easy for people to post homes online, and this is often preferable to long-term lets for those who like to remain flexible. Of course, you'll still need to ensure that your property can stand out from the rest, and adding houseplants is a great way to do so.

Houseplants are relatively cheap and don't take up very much space, but they can still serve to make a space seem far more inviting. That said, you need to make sure you pick the right varieties.

Here are just four things to look out for.

1. Easy Maintenance

First and foremost, houseplants used for short-term rental properties should be easy to take care of. You can expect any renters to water those plants every couple of days, but they aren't going to want to take responsibility for something delicate. If you pick a houseplant that requires plenty of TLC, it probably isn't going to last very long. Make sure you pick out a houseplant that can last a long time without being watered, such as spider plants.

2. Pet-Friendly

Some short-term rentals stipulate that no pets are allowed in the property, so the pet-friendliness of your houseplants might not apply. However, anyone who does choose to allow four-legged access will need to make absolutely sure that the house plants they choose won't poison any animals who happen to fancy taking a nibble. If you are going to allow pets, check that whatever houseplants you buy are going to be suitable.

3. Allergy-Friendly

Flowering houseplants might look nice, but they can be a real problem for anybody who is allergic to pollen. You don't want anyone put off the property by something as simple as allergies, so make sure you pick out something that isn't going to aggravate them. Some plants, such as Dracaena, will even trap allergens within their leaves, so these can be perfect for short-term rental properties.

4. Subtle

Finally, make sure you don't choose anything too ostentatious. Your orchids and red roses might suit your own personal taste, but what you should really look for is a houseplant that will make a property more inviting without putting any kind of personal stamp on it. Remember, you want to keep attracting people to your property, so you need to make sure it will appeal to as many people as possible.