Why You Should Do Your Insulation With Earthwool

When it comes to making sure that you enjoy utmost comfort in extreme weather, there's no doubt that Earthwool insulation is a high performing option. This excellent insulation choice is ideal for both office and home buildings.

The advanced generation of insulation provides buildings an array of protective features. The majority of Earthwool's composition comprises of reused glass bottles. Additionally, at the end of your building's life, you can recycle it. That makes it a sustainable choice for sure.

So why should you do your building insulation with Earthwool? Read on to find out.


Earthwool is made using world-class technology. The bio-based binder technology allows woolen insulation to preserve its benefits and natural color. Because Earthwool isn't treated with added dyes, it severely reduces embodied energy without losing its effectiveness.

By changing bio-based materials to an inactive polymer material, the ECOSE technology bonds mineral wool as other materials. Due to the impressive technology, Earthwool doesn't need any phenols or formaldehydes that are used commonly in the creation of binders in different industrial processes.

Over exposure to phenols or formaldehydes and their vapors is corrosive to the respiratory tract, skin and eyes. The corrosive effect on mucous membranes and skin is because of the protein-degenerating effect.

Cost Effective

Unquestionably, Earthwool insulation is an incredible cost effective option. It combines fire resistance, sound absorbing and innovating energy saving features. Such a combination makes it an ideal choice for metal frame and timber applications within residential buildings.


You can rest assured that Earthwool insulation will last long. Furthermore, in addition to being rot proof and odorless, it doesn't encourage the growth of bacteria, mould, and fungi.

Super clear packaging

The transparent packaging of Earthwool ensures you're able to see everything in your package. That makes sure you get the right product.

Super Soft

The bio-based binding process utilized in making Earthwool makes it softer. The process also makes this insulation easier to install, handle, and cut.

Higher R-values

The R-value of any insulation specifies the thermal resistance it offers. Earthwool insulation is tailored to feature air pockets. Boasting higher R-values, this form of insulation definitely enjoys higher efficiency levels.

With Earthwool, you stand to enjoy comprehensive benefits of industry-leading insulation choice. In the end, you not only save money, but also improve the comfort of your property. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, it's important to note that Earthwool is great at enhancing your property's energy efficiency.