Leaving for a Holiday? 4 Clever Actions to Protect Your Lawn Mower From Deterioration When You Take an Extended Vacation

You probably use your lawn mower frequently to keep your garden looking beautifully manicured. But if you need to leave on an extended vacation or work trip, you'll need to take good care to protect it from deterioration while you're away. Follow these clever actions to keep your mower safe when you're traveling for a few months and don't plan on using it.

Remove, Clean And Wrap Blades

When placing your lawn mower away, remove the blades from the grooves and clean them thoroughly to eliminate any grass or mud residue from them. You may use soap water and a soft brush to give the blades a thorough clean. This keeps them free from rust and corrosion while you're away. Wipe the blades completely dry with a lint-free cloth and wrap them in packing paper or a blanket to protect them from external elements like dust, dirt and water.

Flush Out And Clean The Petrol Tank

Your petrol tank will likely be full or half-full if you've just used it, but you will need to flush it out completely before storing the lawn mower away for complete protection. When petrol is unused for an extended period, it tends to get muddy and contaminated. Using contaminated petrol when you return will end up damaging different components inside your lawn mower. You can use a machine to suck out petrol and clean the inside of the tank. This action will ensure that the petrol tank remains intact and damage-free for the time you're away.

Disconnect Wires And Store Them In An Accessible Location

If you have an electric lawn mower, your best option is to disconnect it from the machine, so that you can store it in a safe and easily accessible location until you return. This will prevent the wire from fraying and unravelling on the machine. Ideally, wrap the wire in a soft bed sheet to keep it safe and dry.  

Cover The Lawn Mower Inside Your Garage

Position your lawn mower in a moisture-free location to prevent rust from forming over time. Keep it away from the ground and walls because these areas typically attract moisture. If you're placing the mower in your garage or storage shed, make sure you cover it with a cloth to prevent dust and debris from settling on it and damaging its internal and external parts.

A lawn mower is necessary to retain your garden's beauty. If you have to leave for an extended vacation, let these clever actions help you protect your lawn mower from deterioration.