Tips for Making Your Home Feel Closer to Nature

Many of us live in houses that are surrounded by nature, but we don't fully appreciate it. Sometimes the weather isn't right for spending lots of time outside, or we might simply be too busy. Inviting nature into your home isn't difficult, you just need to make a few well thought out changes.

Spending more time close to nature is proven to make you feel less stressed and physically healthier, lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Consider implementing a few of the ideas below - you might be amazed at how much better you feel.

Install an opening roof

An opening roof is a great way to let more light, fresh air, and nature into your home. Imagine lying back on a recliner and staring into a clear blue sky, all from the warm comfort of your home. The type of opening roof you choose will depend on your home. If you have a conservatory, then a retractable roof is usually quite easy to install and can be made in flat or hipped styles to match the architecture of your property.

A larger opening roof can be a wonderful addition to a living space within your main home. These cost more to install but are a lifetime investment that will increase the value of your property. Large opening roofs are controlled with a remote that allows you to alter the angle, meaning you can enjoy a cool breeze when it's warm, or just warming sunshine when it's chilly. Most are also equipped with a rain sensor, meaning that they'll shut automatically if the heavens open.

Get bigger windows

If your house is surrounded by picturesque scenery that you rarely see, then large windows are a great investment. Choosing designs that are made from one solid sheet of glass lets you enjoy a seamless view, whether you're looking onto rolling hills, lush forest, or dramatic plains. Choosing a wall that points towards the best views but isn't regularly passed by cars or pedestrians affords you maximum privacy. If that's not possible, consider tinted glass, Venetian blinds, or plantation shutters to keep enjoying the view without being on show yourself.

Build a balcony

A balcony is a great way to feel close to the elements, and is perfect for a getting a closer look at things from a new angle. You might see further into the distance than you thought was possible, or enjoy marvelling at the trees which grow up here. A balcony might sound like a costly home improvement, but architects can often work with the existing structure of your home and make use of flat roofs on the first floor. It's worth getting a quote even if you're not sure. Balconies are perfect for listening to the hum of local wildlife while eating breakfast, or enjoying the cool breeze and twinkling stars after a long day at work.

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