Use Solar Energy to Heat Water

You can use solar energy to heat water in your home through two ways. The first way, the PV system, involves harvesting solar energy and storing it in batteries so that the energy from those batteries can provide power to a solar hot water heater. The second way, the solar thermal system, involves using heat from the sun to heat your water directly. This article discusses some reasons why it is better to harvest solar energy and store it before using it to heat your water instead of using heat from the sun to heat your water directly.

Ease of Installation

It is easier to replace your existing water heater with a solar hot water heater. It is also easy to add some extra solar panels to your roof so that extra solar energy can be harvested to heat the water that you use in your home.

This is unlike the complexity of setting up the solar thermal system. The panels are heavy because they must be robust enough to take the weight of the water that will be circulating through them in order to be heated. Fresh piping is also needed to contain the heated water that will be flowing from the roof. This makes the installation process very complicated.

Minimal Maintenance Is Needed

 PV systems require minimal maintenance to keep working. For instance, you may have to clean the solar panels regularly so that they remain efficient in collecting energy from the sun. However, solar thermal systems are demanding to maintain. For instance, they must be pressure-tested regularly by a professional to confirm that no leaks have developed within the system. Certified inspectors also have to check the system regularly to confirm that corrosion isn't destroying it.

Longer Component Life

Solar thermal systems can overheat during periods of intense sunlight. This overheating starts when the water in the system is heated to the maximum temperature required. All the excess energy from the sun will then start causing the panels to overheat because that energy isn't being used. This heat stress eventually causes the system components to wear out quickly. PV systems usually last longer because any excess energy harvested can be sent to the national grid for use elsewhere. This outlet saves the system components from overheating.

As you can see, you are better off installing a PV system for your solar hot water needs. Find solar system suppliers near you and ask those experts to advise you about the best unit size for your domestic needs.